The X-Plan

Summer’s here, and we’re all planning on spending almost all of our free time with our friends. One annoying thing we can count on this summer is the insane amount of peer pressure we will all encounter. Especially if you’ve just graduated high school. Peer pressure will definitely be at an all time high for you. It happens at prom, at school, and just everywhere. We’re all subject to it. We all want to feel accepted by our peers, and be considered cool, but how far are you really willing to go for that? The number one thing teens do during a night out with friends? Drinking. You could be that one person not drinking and someone comes over and hands you a cup. What do you do? You can’t just say no, you’ll never live it down!

You’ll always be known as the loser who wouldn’t drink at the party. I’m not going to sit here and tell you “Well don’t worry about what others think of you”. I’m not going to give a cliché answer. There’s a better, more subtle way to get out of this tricky situation.

A youth minister by the name of Bert Fulks created an ingenious plan for his son to get out of situations where he feels pressured. Its called “X-Plan”. Simply take your phone out, go to your parents contact, and send the letter “X”. Upon receiving this message your parents should call you, and tell you need come home ASAP. No one will think anything other  than you have uncool parents, or that you have a serious family emergency you need to take care of. I have even used this plan before, and it really works! The X-Plan is so simple, and will get you out of these stressful situations our peers put us in. Go to your parents and tell them about the X-Plan so that the next time you’re in a bind, they can bail you out.

A big thanks to Mr Bert Fulks for sharing this idea with the rest of world.

Written by Kym S.

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